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Our third major YYJ Rocktographers showcase (and fifth showcase altogether) took place January 22–24.

Once again, we had a room full of amazing photography from 30 local concert shooters, but this time, we cranked everything up a notch with full, plugged in bands (two per night) in a new venue, Fort Tectoria (777 Fort Street).

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Aside from the new venue and fantastic photos, we upped our musical entertainment game — we are all about the concerts, after all — and brought in four fantastic local bands for plugged-in, full-volume live performances:  Gold & Shadow, Aztec, Stinging Belle, and San Felix.

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Our featured 2016 YYJ Rocktographers were:

Ben Altair
Trevor Ball
Lindsey Blane
Veronica Bonderud
Jessica Burroughs
John Carlow
Robert Davy
Shane Deringer
Heather Dubya
Brad Edwards
Michelle Edwards
Tyson Elder
Leanne Green
Kirsten James
Darren Ho
Kim Jay
Dean Kalyan
Jon Lake
Adam Lee
Lillie Louise Major
R. Jeanette Martin
Mike Parolini
Rob Porter
Tom Power
Colin Smith
Richard Willacy
Lana Winnichyn
Will Winter
Kaitie Zeilstra
webmeister Bud

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Thanks to EVERYONE who came by during day or night to appreciate the crazy talent we have in this town, both photographically and musically.

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