Jon and Roy returned to Sugar Nightclub, along with The Zone’s January Band of the Month, The Wild Romantics and Victoria’s Zoubi And The Sea.

20160318-01 - Zoubi and the Sea-0002

Zoubi Arros heads up Zoubi And The Sea, which balances folk, funk, jazz, and pop, along with a healthy dose of sexy during their incredible cover of Queens of the Stone Age’s Make It Wit Chu.

It’s also one of those wonderful bands who realizes that music needs more horns, as evidenced by the response Chase Watterson’s saxophone received.

20160318-01 - Zoubi and the Sea-0008

Real-life couple Aleisha Kalina and Evan Miller hold back none of their love for each other on stage. The Wild Romantics is a highly appropriate name for this band. Their harmony isn’t limited to their vocal performances.

20160318-02 - The Wild Romantics-0010

20160318-02 - The Wild Romantics-0023

20160318-02 - The Wild Romantics-0040

Their music — which I could best describe as folk/rock turned up to 11 — is full of raw energy, but their presence on stage is powerful. I’ll definitely be watching their tour dates for the next YYJ show.

20160318-02 - The Wild Romantics-0046

For a band whose music some may describe as folky, rootsy, or ultra-west coasty, Jon and Roy (and Lou; let us please not forget Lou) have a fervent fanbase.

20160318-03 - Jon and Roy-0009

Chants of “Jon and Roy! Jon and Roy!” chorused through the audience behind us before the show began, and the cheer which exploded from the crowd when J&R took the stage was deafening (yay earplugs!).

20160318-03 - Jon and Roy-0012

20160318-03 - Jon and Roy-0016

Clapping, singalongs, and hands in the air are common sights at Jon and Roy shows, and this one was no exception.

20160318-03 - Jon and Roy-0021

Jon and Roy are a Victoria institution, and show no sign of slowing their ever-increasing fanbase. They’re one of the bands which keep YYJ on the map.