Since swapping her Alberta license plates for BC plates, the inescapable fact is that Calgary expat Kirsten Ludwig now calls Victoria her home.

Between a cross-Canada tour and a European tour, Kirsten was joined by Hugh Mackie (keys) and Dougal Bain McLean (violin) on a late summer evening to perform the previously unreleased song Borderline in the Mackie household in Victoria, BC.

Shooting a session inside someone’s home is always interesting. Being cognizant of furniture and sightlines is as important as keeping an ear out for a TV on in another room or an unexpected meow from the family pet.

But recording this session went well, despite the fact that Tyson was forced to shoot through the front window, from outside the house, because of the size of the room. Hey, he volunteered for that post.

Earlier this year, Kirsten Ludwig self-released her second record, Honest Tracks, on both digitally and on vinyl. The album title sums up the feelings behind it quite well, as there is a very raw feel to it.

Rocktographers Sessions: local artists, intimate spaces, raw live performances, all captured through the lenses of passionate Rocktographers.

Directed by Lindsey Blane
Filmed by Lindsey Blane, webmeister Bud and Tyson Elder
Edited by Lindsey Blane
Audio production by Hugh Mackie
Recorded Live: 14/08/2016 – The Mackie House – Victoria, BC