Ah – Rock The Shores 2014. For me it can all be summed up by this photo:

To me this photo says “Thank you”. Thank you BC, for relaxing your archaic liquor laws and allowing us to “BRING DOWN THOSE WALLS.” Thank you festival patrons, for showing that we can operate responsibility within the new laws. Thank you Atomique, for realizing how hot it was the first day and adding more water stations and shade for the rest of the weekend.

Thank you guys who spray the hose. Oh the amazing — amazing — hose of coolness. Thank you volunteers, for waving your flags so I know where is open to get beer, and for always smiling after your long shift.

Thank you ultra-Canadian line up, for reminding me how much Canadian music — old and new — rocks! 20/24 bands!

Thank you Billy Talent, for being a concert photographer’s dream to shoot! You all had so much energy and were a joy to watch. Special thank you to Benjamin Kowalewicz, for handing out water to all the media in the pit before they went on because it was so dang hot.

Thank you The Zone @ 91-3’s Pol Plastino, for answering the age old question “who wears short-shorts?” with pride. Will he rock them again this year? I hope so!

Thank you Our Lady Peace, for making 12-year-old Kirsten squeal with glee.

Thank you Rock The Shores, for continuing to grow and bringing world class acts to our little slice of paradise on Vancouver Island.

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