One of the biggest moments in my concert photography career was getting a chance to shoot Weezer in 2013 at Rock The Shores. There are just some bands you just think you’ll never get a chance to see or let alone take pictures of, and Weezer was on that list for me.

Hands down, Rock The Shores 2013 was one of my favourite years to be in the photo pit. There were singalongs with all the other photographers to Jimmy Eat World, Matthew Good, 54∙40 and, of course, Weezer. It’s surprisingly hard to sing and shoot at the same time. Strange.

I do sort of regret missing out on City & Colour that year at Rock The Shores, but I had to race off to Lucky Bar to shoot Kathryn Calder for a Girl Rock Camp benefit show. I also shot a couple Ska Fest shows that weekend. Sometimes being a YYJ Rocktographer is hard, but fulfilling work.

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