Nothing says summer like good music, good friends, and good times. What if you could combine those together with some of Canada’s best indie rockers out there? You’d have this list.

7 – Single Mothers

Punk rock seems to be fairly scarce on the west coast these days. Maybe everyone is having too much fun on the beach to be angry about things other than bike lanes and compost. But Ontario and the rest of eastern Canada seems to be a different story, with hard rocking bands like Metz, Alexisonfire, PUP, Protest The Hero, and Single Mothers. They’ve all got a little bit of aggression they need to let out.

While we are dying to see any of those bands, it’s London ON’s Single Mothers that we’d love to see here. They seem like the perfect band to unlock some pent-up tension hiding in our faultlines. With the release of their new LP Our Pleasure early this summer, let’s hope they catch a ferry to tear the roof off.

Where we would like to see them: Lucky Bar / Vinyl Envy

6 – The Glorious Sons

Every single time White Noise comes on any kind of listening device, it gets cranked to eleven. Kingston’s The Glorious Sons know how to make a solid feelgood rock song that is still has some grit on it. They make the kind of songs that are for summer road trips and shotgunning beers around a campfire.

The Glorious Sons are reminiscent of Canadian rock from an era that seemed to disappear in the late 2000s. Hard, melodic, and passionate. Their new single, Kill the Lights, is already a big hit and proves the band’s staying power.

Where we would like to see them: Phillips Backyard Weekender / Lucky Bar

5 – Modern Space

As far as we can tell Toronto’s Modern Space has only been to Victoria once and that’s a damn shame. Their song Pen To Paper was a smash hit on local radio station The Zone @ 91-3 and that one show they played here was spectacular and criminally underattended.

Since these indie darlings put out an EP in 2016, it’s been fairly quiet on the western front, but that could because they’re in studio right now working on a new album. We hope to hear a new single from the band before the summer is out and maybe even see them tour out here too.

Where we would like to see them: Phillips Backyard Weekender / Sugar Nightclub

4 – The Balconies

Jacquie Neville and Liam Jaeger are Toronto’s The Balconies (with a little help from their friends). Their acclaimed album Rhonda came out in October 2016, quickly becoming one of our go-to records. It sounds even better now that it’s been pressed onto some super-sexy vinyl.

Last time The Balconies were in town, their show at Upstairs Cabaret sort of flew under the radar. Unfortunately, most fans of the band didn’t hear about the show until afterwards. Let’s hope there’s a little more publicity for the band the next time they’re in town. Jacquie Neville is one of the most entertaining and interesting front women to watch perform live.

To quote Wayne Campbell “I love your band. You guys wail.”

Where we would like to see them: Rifflandia / Otalith Music Festival/ Lucky Bar


Vancouver’s JPNSGRLS seem to have been perpetually cursed with playing the smallest venue at Rifflandia the last few years, and that seems to be the only time they make the trip to the capital city. Well, other than that time they opened for Rich Aucoin and Mounties at Sugar Nightclub. As much as we love squishing in and getting sticky from everyone else’s sweat, we’d love to finally see them where they deserve to be: Rifflandia’s main stage.

JPNSGRLS is a live powerhouse with charisma for days and one hell of a stage presence. It’s time we bask in the majesty.

Where we would like to see them: Phillips Backyard Weekender / Rifflandia

2 – Said The Whale

Yes, we know Said The Whale just played Victoria’s Sugar Nightclub, but don’t you feel like it’s time they come back already? We do.

Having just celebrated their 10th anniversary, we think it’s about time they get back on that horse and ride. The horse being a ferry and ride being play another killer show here in Victoria. Said The Whale is one of the only bands that we can honestly say we’ve seen people almost swoon from. This band is a heart-full every single time they perform.

We would settle for Panda Watch if we had to.

Where we would like to see them: Rifflandia / Sugar Nightclub

1 – The Wet Secrets

Can you guess who Rocktographers’ number one crush is yet?

We haven’t seen The Wet Secrets in Victoria since Rifflandia 2015, and we haven’t seen them on Vancouver Island since Song & Surf 2016. Let’s just say that our favourite marching band is long overdue for a visit. It would be a most triumphant return.

The Wet Secrets have been making the rounds touring around the states and making friends at a brewery or two. They’ve also been working on a follow up to their EP I Can Swing A Hammer. Let’s hope some new music brings them westward.

Where we would like to see them: Sugar Nightclub / Anián / Rifflandia / Otalith Music Festival / Anywhere / Anywhere at all, really / Our living room?

Did we miss some Canadian indie bands that you think should be playing in our neck of the woods this summer? Is there someone who should be on our radar? Let us know!