First things first – a huge thanks to Lars and the security staff at Sugar Nightclub for letting me in! A mix up in the media credentials meant I wasn’t on the list to enter with my camera, but the security staff were fantastic and quick to get this straightened out. Although I didn’t end up with a media pass (meaning I couldn’t get close to either of the DJs) I had an awesome time photographing all the party people in Game of Thrones cosplay!

White Walkers, Melisandres, John Snows, direwolves and of course dragons descended upon Sugar Nightclub on Saturday. With all of Westeros and some citizens from across the narrow sea representing, it’s surprising the night didn’t end with a rendition of “The Rains of Castamere”. Perhaps this was due in part to the heroic actions of Kristian Nair, aka Hodor, throwing down an epic set that kept the masses dancing. Hey, George R R Martin still hasn’t finished writing “The Winds of Winter”  – who says it can’t end with Hodor throwing down a dance party to reunite the seven kingdoms?

Valar Morghulis – All men must Dance; or as Hodor would put it – HODOR!

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