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The day before Hallowe’en at Alix Goolden Hall, Hawksley Workman and his band were all about the animals.

After opener Fiona Bevan wrapped her set, it was revealed that the entire band had fallen in love with a baby St. Bernard which they saw at the Tsawassen ferry terminal that morning while en route to Victoria.

Unfortunately, the owners were not at the show. He asked.

In between songs, Hawksley talked about how his cat now wears a bell, meaning that hunting has gone from being quiet and deadly to being loud and jangley.

He talked about how animals have it so much better for generally only thinking of, on average, two things in a given day.

He talked about how he anthropomorphizes animals too much, which led into a heartfelt song with lyrics about a baby mosquito.

And he did it all wearing a shirt with a wolf on it.

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Tonight Romanticize
Instant Nostalgia
Teenage Cats
Baby Mosquito
Clever Not Beautiful
Dirty and True
Paper Shoes
Old Bloody Orange
When These Mountains Were The Seashore
General January
Sarah Jane
All the Trees
Starting to Snow
Make Up Your Mind
Broken Yet