Rocktographers wants you to kick off your Rifflandia right. With over 150 artists playing over 20 stages, we’ll be your guide to some of the (often hidden) gems in such a huge festival.

Weird Party

8:30PM, Saturday, 19th
The Metro Theatre

Weird Party‘s album, “Mellow Funk – Vol. 1,” is jazz, funk, and ambient, tossed into a blender with an extra-strong dash of atmosphere, baby. Weird Party’s live show is just as tight and psychedelic as their album, but with the “loud” and “fun” sliders pushed way up. It translates really well on stage, and makes the perfect music for welcoming in a new day.

Isobel Trigger

9:30PM, Saturday, 19th
Sunset Room

While singer Felicia, drummer Ariel, guitarist Brett, and bassist Ryan of Isobel Trigger are just as comfortable on a fullsize theatre stage, you can really feel the energy and precision of this Victoria band in a more intimate setting. Plus, you’ll be able to see some undoubtedly incredible detail on however Felicia dolls herself up for the show. Pretty sure she had gold airbrushed bodypaint last Riff.

Mike Edel

9:30PM, Saturday, 19th
Northern Quarter

Having just wrapped a successful Kickstarter campaign to press his latest record India, Seattle on vinyl Mike Edel returns to the Rifflandia Music Festival. Mike can drive a tractor. Mike can also do other farm things. More importantly Mike can write some truly beautiful songs, but that farm stuff deserves some respect too. Mike Edel is one of the hardest working musicians we at Rocktographers have the privilege of calling a friend, and we take every chance we can to see him play live. He’s genuine and always has a smile on his face. How could music photographers not love him?


9:30PM, Saturday, 19th

Surprisingly, there are no Japanese girls — or any girls at all — in Vancouver’s JPNSGRLS. Having hit Victoria before opening up for Rich Aucoin and Mounties the band has left a lasting impression with their frantic post pop rock sounds. Lead singer, Charlie Kerr has been known to fly about the stage wildly and even drop down to do some push-ups. Also, it’s hard not to love a band that has a song that references the cult kid’s movie, The Sandlot.


10:00PM, Saturday, 19th
Phillips Brewery Backyard

Kytami is a classically-trained violinist(extremist) with style, power, and attitude. She fuses fiddle music with dubstep and hip hop music, making for a powerful, frenetic show.

With a DJ backing her, it’s like you’re at a rock show, DJ set, classical concert, and punk thrash craziness all in one, and it makes for a very cool and energetic performance.

The Wet Secrets

10:30PM, Saturday, 19th

Winners of the inaugural Peak Performance Project AB, The Wet Secrets and their marching band uniforms will bring the rock, the horn section, and the considerable sweat back to town after a solid Victoria debut in May. Did we mention they perform a rock show in marching band uniforms?

Gay Nineties

10:30PM, Saturday, 19th
Copper Owl

Gay Ninteies are certainly living it up here in 2015, after the January release of their debut EP, recorded under the guidance of Hot Hot Heat/Mounties frontman Steve Bays, these guys have been killing it on the festival circuit. Their single Letterman has been on heavy rotation on The Zone 91-3, and they are sure to draw a crowd to pack either of the venues they are performing in. Be prepared for dancing, clapping, heavy harmonies, and some rock that is way ahead of its time.

Five Alarm Funk

11:00PM, Saturday, 19th
Phillips Brewery Backyard

We had the pleasure of seeing this twelve-piece party of awesome perform at last year’s Phillips Backyard Weekender. They put on an amazingly unique show full of energy, weirdness, infectious tunes, and some times co-ordinated dance movements. Hot, sweaty dance floors with feet stomping and every body moving. Grooves for days to their funk, rock, ska, prog, rock, …er.. gypsy – well, whatever their feeling at the moment kind of music. I mean, any band that has a song about washing your face (complete with face-washing dance movements) is solid in my books — but they also have a song about Robot love. 000001

Bend Sinister

12:30AM, Sunday, 20th
Sunset Room

There is an era of Canadian Rock that seemingly got forgotten until Bend Sinister seemed to resurect it. It’s that fun piano driven classic rock that Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman made a staple of every classic rock station from Victoria to Halifax. Bend Sinister takes that sound and turns it. Not only does their music stand out among their contemporaries but it makes you want to party. If we didn’t know that Bend Sinister was from Kelowna we’d have thought they’d been to a few Manitoba Socials in their day.

The Zolas

12:30AM, Sunday, 20th
Alix Goolden Hall

On tour to support their album Swooner the Zolas have been seen massive mainstream radio success with their hit “Molotov Girls”. Their electro-infused sound will be the perfect to keep you grooving late into the night.

Acres of Lions

12:30AM, Sunday, 20th
Studio CMCT

What nice things can’t be said about Acres of Lions. Victoria’s original pop rock band has been around the block more than once, and after a long hiatus are back for their fourth Breakout West. Acres of Lions has always been huge supporters and good friends of Rocktographers. It’s going to be a true treat seeing Jeff, Dan, Tyson, and their original drummer Lewis reunited again for some good old fashioned rock and roll.

The Helio Sequence

12:30AM, Sunday, 20th
Metro Theatre

Sub Pop’s Helio Sequence is one of the bands we are most excited to see. The two piece from Oregon creates a sonic experience unlike any other two piece band in the market today. Their music is filled with carefully crafted lyrics and sounds. After a flood in their studio ruining most of their gear Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel left behind their digital gear and recorded the analog album, Negotiations. It’s also worth noting that Weikel did all the drumming on Rifflandia headliner Modest Mouse’s record Good News For People Who Like Bad News and No One’s First, But You’re Next.