Originally this started as a “top ten” list, but because so many great local(ish) albums came out this year, Rocktographers decided on a top fifteen list so none of these gems got left out.

Oh, and all our album reviews are in haiku.

15 – Bodies – Bodies

Parts beach, bedroom, surf,
Let the bodies hit the floor?
No. Much more friendly.

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14- Wise Child – Lucky You

Local indie rock
With dreamy, poppy flavours.
Wise Child. Lucky you.

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13 – Illvis Freshly – Illenials

They’re fresh. They’re ill. Phil,
Mt. Doyle, Danimal, Doc Zoo.
So hip hoppity.

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12 – Adam Bay – Pacific Blood

Adam’s Weissenborn.
He plays in the coastal sun.
Oh didgeridoo.

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11 – Aidan Knight – Each Other

He loves cereal.
Maybe more than his cat? Eek!
are Friendly Friends.

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10 – Kirsten Ludwig – Honest Tracks

Kirsten Ludwig. Our
Favourite Instagrammer.
A total creeper.

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9 – Dirty Mountain – 01

Blues, rock, country, folk.
These folks cover the whole scene.
And Elli’s real cool.

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8 – Gold & Shadow – Birdhaus EP

Gold & Shadow. Beards.
Yes, excellent musicians . . .
But beards. Beards beards beards

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7 – No Liars – No Liars EP

Loudest band around.
Post punk, hardcore, emo, raw.
And y’know? They RAWK.

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6 – Rykka – Beatitudes

On-stage trampoline.
Big Eurovision rockstar.
She’s tikkiti-boo.

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5 – Willa – Criminals +Dreamers

Talented redhead.
Also Princess Ember on
My Little Pony

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4 – Sam Weber – Valentina Nevada

Old souls, new music.
Marshall, Hugh, Esme, and Sam.
Channeling Bublé

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3 – LABS – Down

Lindsay and Adam.
Their names are an acronym.
Only dyslexic.

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2 – JPNSGRLS – Divorce

Not girls at all though.
Not Japanese either though.
They rock super hard.

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1 – Croatia – I Wish I Could Be Holy

’80s EDM.
But now, Tashiina’s moving.
Sad electric heart.

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