This is the fourth year I will have photographed Rifflandia (twice for the photo team, and now twice for idobi Radio), and every year just keeps getting better. One of the greatest things about the festival is the guarantee that you will discover one of your new favourite bands. Even if you’re not looking, it happens.


In 2013, unsure of what to see on Saturday night, upon recommendation of some friends I set out to catch a few Vancouver bands playing at the Victoria Event Center. After watching the first two sets and not being overly impressed, The Ballantynes hit the stage and blew my mind.



These guys are true soul punks, hailing from East Van and crooning and wailing all night long. Thunderous and soulful, they are an absolute treat to see live. My Saturday night was instantly better for it, as well as realizing they were playing first thing on Sunday morning on the main stage at the park! Twice in less than 24 hours, I can’t complain.


The Ballantynes also hit the stage at the Public Market during Riff 2014, another sweaty, packed set that was not to be missed. Unfortunately they aren’t playing Rifflandia this year, but I can’t wait to discover another band this year that captivates me as much as they first did back in 2013!