In 2011, I’d been shooting weddings for four years, concerts for three, and festivals for two.

Rifflandia 4 was the festival’s first foray into Royal Athletic Park as their flagship venue. My radio station, The Zone, set up an interview couch and broadcast centre along the park’s “main street,” and we interviewed artists there.

20110924 - Rifflandia-067 (AWOLNATION)

Not since the day Aaron Bruno of Awolnation sat down to chat have I seen such a large crowd gather for an artist. It was to be Awol’s second time in Victoria, a late-afternoon slot on the festival mainstage and, after the interview (and after Aaron spent about ten minutes signing things for fans), the show was on in a big way.

20110924 - Rifflandia-080 (AWOLNATION)

On the strength of the band’s one and only album (led by their runaway hit, “Sail”), the crowd was singing along to every song, taking in as much Awolnation as they could get.

20110924 - Rifflandia-225 (AWOLNATION)

Well, they got a handful when Aaron jumped offstage into the security pit with all the photographers, stood up on the barrier, and dove in.

20110924 - Rifflandia-144 (AWOLNATION)

Owing to the fact that one of the main demographics of the band was younger ladies, they were caught somewhat unaware when Aaron’s weight was propelled onto their heads.

20110924 - Rifflandia-147 (AWOLNATION)

We almost lost him but, after a moment’s hesitation, Aaron rose slowly back to the top of the crowd, executing this crazy kick I captured, and garnering me my first “shot of the festival;” that one shot which captures all the energy of the show in a single frame.

20110924 - Rifflandia-149 (AWOLNATION)

I don’t necessary get one every festival, but I’m awfully happy when I do. I’m looking forward to my opportunities this year in the tropical paradise of Rifflandia 8.