Not only was Rifflandia 2014 my first time shooting a major music festival, but it was also my first time attending it.

Over my  years of attending concerts, I started to bring a little point-and-click camera with me. 
It was lots of fun and  I was getting some not bad shots.

After attending a YYJ Rocktographers gallery show, I knew right away that photographing concerts was something I wanted to get involved in, but first I had to get me one of those cool cameras.


I saved up a few bucks and got me one of those fancy cameras. I learned how to use it and set out applying for media accreditation at as many shows as I could. It took a lot of hard work, networking and not giving up.

As soon as I heard about the photography team for Rifflandia 2014, I jumped at the opportunity, and would recommend applying to any photographer looking to get experience shooting concerts. 


I definitely had a moment of pure joy when an Australian band called Airbourne took the stage.  Between the raw energy of the rock ‘n roll being played just feet in front of me and the beer spraying all over us after lead singer Joel O’Keeffe smashed a can of it over his head, they absolutely stole the show that Friday. And when Joel jumped on the shoulders of a security guard who took him for a run around in the crowd while he shredded mad guitar skills? Perfect.


But the highlight was leaning over the stage for a shot of his blood-soaked guitar as the band exited the stage. That . . . is rock ‘n roll. 

Something happened to me that day. I was really there. I felt like I had achieved a goal of becoming a concert photographer I always wanted to be.