Earlier today, V.I.C. Fest announced via their Facebook that their music and cultural festival wouldn’t be happening this year.

It’s hard to believe that V.I.C. Fest won’t be there to kick off the Victoria music festival season this year. For many, last year’s festival rivalled the juggernauts of Rifflandia and Rock the Shores for good times and atmosphere.

V.I.C. Fest’s unique blend of local musicians, food vendors, artisans, and craft beer samplings was a breath of fresh air in a sometimes oversaturated market. It was truly a festival focused on the community and culture of Vancouver Island. The festival grew continuously over its five years at St. Ann’s Academy, bringing bigger acts and even larger crowds.

Since the humble beginnings of YYJ Rocktographers, Dylan Willows and his team have been huge supporters of our work. Last year, V.I.C. Fest put Tyson Elder in charge of their photo team, donated tickets to raffle off at our YYJ Rocktographer events, and wanted to see us succeed. Many local concert photographers break into the music festival scene by shooting V.I.C. Fest, and it’ll be a shame to see those opportunities disappear.

Here at YYJ Rocktographers, we feel like Victoria is losing something special. A festival experience that cannot be found anywhere else that we know of.

Yes, it breaks our hearts to hear that our friends at V.I.C. Fest can’t make the festival happen this year, but we wish them the best. We know whatever project the V.I.C. Fest team works on next, they will knock it out of the park.

Thank you for one of the best music festivals in the Pacific Northwest, V.I.C. Fest.

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V.I.C. Fest Side Stage. Photo by John Carlow