Got Ya Covered: Venus Hum – Suzy Snowflake (Rosemary Clooney)

There’s a good chance you’ve not heard of either of these artists, but, because Christmas, all bets are off. Aren’t most all Christmas songs covers, anyway?

Well, this one was written by two gents named Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett, and made famous by Rosemary Clooney in 1951. It personifies a snowflake (or an entire storm of them) as a sweet little lady named Suzy who can grant all your fun, snowy wishes (by magic, obvy). See the 1953 stop-motion video at the bottom of this post.

Fast forward 49 years later, and electro-pop group Venus Hum (whom I became aware of when they performed with Blue Man Group during their Complex Rock Tour in 2003) covered it for their Switched On Christmas album, available free in its entirety via the download link below.

Due to its bouncy poppy happiness (and the fact that I love Venus Hum), Suzy Snowflake has become a favourite Christmas song of mine, despite the fact that Christmas, holidays, or other nondenominational events are actually mentioned in the song.