Jimmy Eat World released their seventh album, Invented, back in 2010. Recorded mostly at their home studio in Arizona, the album showed a noticeably softer and more vulnerable side to the band. Frontman Jim Adkins let the photographic works of Cindy Sherman and Hannah Starkey influence the lyrics and tone of the album, creating something a little different from their usual straightforward alternative rock style.

After the closing track, the deluxe version of the album appropriately featured an acoustic cover of Wilco’s You and I.

The original track by Wilco opens with guitar strumming and singing by frontman Jeff Tweedy, harmonized by special guest Leslie Feist. Yes, THE Feist. After the opening verse, the song launches into full band, with the acoustic guitar track and vocals remaining the main focus. The lyrics speak of back-and-forth in a relationship, with the verses arranged almost like a call and response.

Jimmy Eat World chooses to remain fully acoustic, with Jim Adkins backed by fellow Arizonian Courtney Marie Andrews (who features prominently on Invented). The soothing strumming and stunning vocals make for easy listening. This stripped-down formula still does the original justice, as Adkins and Andrews are both fantastic vocalists and instrumentalists in their own right.

Jimmy Eat World’s cover isn’t necessarily meant to be better than the original, but if you didn’t know any better, this song could easily pass for an original, especially considering the album it was paired with. The cover seems more young and earnest, whereas Wilco’s original version seems more adult and grown up.