Malahat, The Zone’s Band of the Month for August (last one of the year, leading up to the showcase concerts in November), have a very vintage-inspired look, sound, and feel.

So, when it came time to brainstorm promo photo ideas, Chief Rocktog Tyson thought, “What about a muscle car?”

fully restored 1969 Chevy Nova SS – photo by webmeister Bud

Behold, through much reaching out and wonderful humans in the world, Darrell Hitchens’ fully restored 1969 Chevy Nova SS, brought to our shooting location with Malahat.

Malahat – Photo by Tyson Elder

Malahat – photo by webmeister Bud

There were many squeals unbecoming of a hard rock band when members of Malahat learned the car was there for their shoot.

While not the exact car, this is the same kind of car Darrell had in his teens. He had to sell it when he got married (“Apparently, babies are expensive,” quips his daughter), but vowed that, when he had the means, he would have his car again. And have it he does. It’s a jewel.

Darrell Hitchens – photo by webmeister Bud

Malahat – photo by webmeister Bud

Malahat – photo by webmeister Bud

Tristan, Ben, Brad, and Ross had about as much fun hanging with the car as we did shooting it. Check out the full behind-the-scenes experiment in this video by Lindsey Blane, and then, go check out Malahat!