The Wet Secrets - I Can Live Forever EP
3.8Overall Score

We’re right in the middle of a three-stage release of new goodness from The Wet Secrets. Last November, they released the single I Can Swing a Hammer.

This past Friday, the released a four-song EP, I Can Live Forever (a line from I Can Swing A Hammer).

And, sometime this spring summer, their next full-length album, The Tyranny of Objects, should hit the streets.

The YouTube playlist featuring lyric videos for each song are a joy to watch, but it’s possible that we’re a bit biased.

They all feature the photography of bassist and lead singer Lyle Bell, himself a photographer (mostly film, and a collector of funky vintage cameras) and graphic designer.

If I’m not much mistaken, all of these songs have been enjoying test runs on the live circuit, with I Can Swing a Hammer getting a considerable amount of love. Its Trevor Anderson Drum-heavy opening carries the song through some excellently-produced vocals from Lyle, Kim, Emma, and the rest of the gang.

Right up until I heard this studio version (and read the title), I was under the impression that If I Was a Camera was actually called Take Off Your Clothes. Nope, it’s just that that line is used to great effect and frequency throughout.

Final Curtain for a Drama Queen is bright, high-energy Wet Secrets goodness all the way through but, as is sometimes the case, the fun exterior belies darker lyrics inside.

The last of the four tracks, Quelle Surprise, is an unusually moody and atmospheric piece from the band, with Paul “Peerie” Arnusch’s keyboards filling in the empty spaces. It’s the perfect cap to this EP, and would do well to finish the full album, as well.

While the band will be close to Victoria in the near future (Port Renfrew’s Song & Surf February 5, and Vancouver February 6 at Cobalt), it’s my hope that, upon the release of The Tyranny of Objects, a stop at a city which truly loves this band will happen.

I submitted a Wet Secrets shot for YYJ Rocktographers 2016 — reminder: January 22–24, 2016 at Fort Tectoria — and that shot will forever remind me of how hard The Wet Secrets work for their success, and I hope it continues for a long while yet. Please, buy their EP! That’ll certainly help contribute to their success.