There are many routes that got us to where Rocktographers is now, but they all start at a bar in Seattle during Happy Hour. Photographer, concert blogger, and music enthusiast Tyson Elder found himself visiting with friends at a down bar chatting music, the future, and cocktails when he noticed the artwork on the walls. Every wall in the bar was covered in dozens of photographs from concerts. Most of which were from the venue downstairs, but nevertheless, there were concert photographs everywhere and it was considered "art." Tyson took this idea home with him, trying to figure out how exactly he could make this a thing in Victoria, BC. Roughly a month later, Tyson was once again in the trenches at Rifflandia with dozens of local photographers capturing thousands of images, many of which would end up the internet, soon to be forgotten. As a fan of the analog medium of printing — and wanting to bring the concert photography community together for more than just concerts — he birthed the idea of YYJ Rocktographers. First debuting in the winter of 2014, YYJ Rocktographers collects a variety of visual perspectives through the concert photos of dozens of local photographers. Uniting photographers through their common passion for live musical documentation is a theme that proves popular with Victorians. YYJ Rocktographers has brought together Victoria's best and brightest concert photographers to showcase their work in a gallery setting. With the support of Al Smith and Teresa Lindsey of VIC42, Tyson was able to bring his dream to life. With continued support from Al & Teresa, along with local media like The Zone, The Q, The Times Colonist, and the CBC, each successive gallery showcase grows larger and larger, with more community involvement each time. With the success of the gallery showcases, Tyson and his Rocktographers have worked directly with Atomique Productions and Capital City Productions to capture music memories of their music festivals and their concerts in a more coordinated manner. Rocktographers has now grown into a small media outlet with a focus on reviewing local concerts and music festivals, rockstar interviews, and photographing everything they can in between gallery showcases. Rocktographers aims to strengthen connections between local media, musicians, and a wider community audience. By capturing local musical culture through a spectrum of perspectives, we celebrate the lively and unique environment of musical performance in Victoria and beyond.