Lucky Bar in Victoria on a Saturday night is always a party we want to be at, but when three awesome bands are playing there we make sure we are there.

On May 30th, 2015 the Peak Performance Project’s “Victory Tour” rolled through town with 2014’s BC winners, Good For Grapes and Alberta’s winners, The Wet Secrets. 

Kicking off the night was Victorian new comers Aztec sounding even better in Lucky Bar than they did a few weeks earlier at Al Smith Studio. The band was clearly energized by a successful month of being The Zone @ 91.3’s Band of the Month. 

For a long time we here in Victoria have been waiting to see The Wet Secrets. This mythical band who dress in marching band uniforms that all our ex-pat Edmonton friends swear by. A band that really knows how to throw a party. We certainly weren’t disappointed, and can’t wait for them to come back. Check out their video for “Nightlife” it has Joe Flaherty as a vampire.

Headlining the “Victory Tour” was Vancouver’s Good For Grapes. Returning with another great to Victoria it was clear that this truly was this band’s Victory Tour. Having worked so hard over the last couple years to get to this level shows in their craft.

You can see more of Tyson Elder’s photos on Atomique Productions SmugMug.