I didn’t think I could be more of a Glorious Sons fan. I was wrong. After hanging out with them most of the weekend at Rifflandia 2014, I knew they liked to party, but OH BOY did they bring the party to Distrikt Nightclub on Saturday.

Poor Young Things opened the early show with a bang and Victoria’s own Northcote crooned a crowd-pleasing set that had two superfans up front belting out the lyrics to every song.

By the time The Glorious Sons were set to take the stage, the energy in the room was palpable. The crowd was ready to erupt, if only given the chance. The lights flashed brightly, the smoke machine released its contents with a hiss, and lead signer Brett Emmons swaggered onto the stage — the crowd went wild.

The Glorious Sons launched into “Contender,” the namesake of their tour and single from their new record, “The Union.” The album was even nominated for best Rock Album at this year’s Juno Awards against heavy hitters like the Arkells, Big Wreck, Sam Roberts Band, and Your Favourite Enemies (The Arkells eventually took it).

Distrikt was packed, and there was barley a moment when the collective hands of the crowd weren’t in the air. The sounds of fans screaming the words to the lyrics to every. single. song. (for a band that, for some reason, gets no radio play in Victoria) was impressive.

The Glorious Sons – Glorious indeed.