20160123 - YYJ Rocktographers-0050


Q:    Where and when is the next YYJ Rocktographers showcase?
A:    The next YYJ Rocktographers showcase will take place Friday, January 20–Sunday, January 22, 2017 at Fort Tectoria, 777 Fort Street. Hours TBD.

Q:    What’s the standard YYJ Rocktographers format?
A:    Concert photos taken in the past calendar year by Victoria photographers.

Q:    How do I submit my photo to an upcoming showcase?
A:    Please consult our How to Submit area. Then, sign up for the mailing list! Details on submissions and everything else YYJ are e-mailed through the list. Join the list. The list loves you.

Q:    Do I have to be a fulltime concert photographer to submit?
A:    Honey, nobody’s a fulltime concert photographer here in YYJ.

Q:    Are there any technical specifications to submit?
A:    Submit full resolution photos (minimum 11×17″ at 150 DPI), landscape or portrait at 3:2 aspect ratio. No square or panoramic shots, no heavy post-processing.

Q:    Can I leave my cool watermark over the singer’s face? I designed it myself.
A:    Please don’t watermark your submissions. We don’t distribute the files or archive them once selections are made and printing is done, and you’ll be credited alongside your photo.

Q:    When can I submit my photo?
A:    The submission period is from Thursday, December 1st – Friday, December 23rd, 2016. No late entries will be accepted. Please submit 2 or 3 photos for consideration, each of a different performer.

Q:    When and how will I know if I’m in the show?
A:    If your photo is selected, we’ll let you know via e-mail by Tuesday, December 27th, 2016. You’ll then be notified of your selection and payment details to cover the cost (TBA) of your print.

Q:    Why do we have to pay money?
A:    Because printing doesn’t grow on trees, and there are countless incidentals (some small, some large) with running an event such as this. This isn’t a for-profit venture; it’s a “labour of love” which is Latin for “we’re usually out a couple hundy by the end.”

Q:    Okay, you’ve pulled at my heartstrings. How can I pay you?
A:    Via PayPal or Interac eTransfer.

Q:    Will I get to keep my photo after the show?
A:    Oh, yes. They’re beautifully printed and ready for display (nail not included).